Canada’s financial system has been resilient during COVID-19

As Canada has resisted the pandemic financially, trends show households need to pay close attention to finances

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While Canada as a country has demonstrated resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, households are now exposed to more intense vulnerabilities. As reported by the Bank of Canada, “The Canadian financial system has been resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to strong risk management and unprecedented fiscal and monetary support. “

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But when it comes to individual households, the situation is more precarious, requiring a closer examination of household spending and securities. The same report from Bank of Canada goes on to say that although many households have built up a savings reserve, large-to-income mortgages put them in precarious positions, coupled with the increased focus of Canadians on a larger living space given the greater great time spent at home.


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All of this means that household finances must be carefully managed to avoid risks and negative consequences such as mortgage defaults. Learning household financial concepts such as financial analysis, successful stock trading for growth, and household accounting is essential for both private household finance and anyone with a career in counseling. financial or accounting. Mastering these concepts is a good idea for both professionals and those looking after their family’s money.

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    9 in 10 adults say nothing makes them happier than taking care of their finances

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    The pandemic has helped us understand the importance of staying ahead of the finances

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