Innovative financial contactless payment system ‘Just QR’ has been launched –

“Just QR”, a contactless payment financial system, was launched as part of the cooperation between the financial subsidiary of Armenia’s leading mobile operator Viva-MTS, “MobiDram”, the company “Future Payments Systems” and “ Acba Bank ”.

Now premium “MobiDram” customers have an excellent opportunity to make payments in stores and entertainment venues directly from their smartphones through the “MobiDram” mobile app, using the innovative “Just QR” system. Just click on the “Just QR Payments” button in the “MobiDram” mobile application and make a payment after scanning the QR-code.

“Our daily life is almost entirely transformed into digital. It is no longer necessary to have money in cash, as digital money has become the most relevant and convenient payment option. By introducing the “Just QR” payment tool into the “MobiDram” mobile wallet, we have tried to make everyday life easier by making contactless payments within seconds, ”said Kim Avanesyan, Managing Director of“ MobiDram ”.

“The financial subsidiary of Viva-MTS“ MobiDram ”offers many payment tools directly from the mobile phone. Innovation and adaptation to time are the key conditions for digital transformation. Can you imagine the day when cash is no longer needed when shopping in a store, and when it will be possible to make contactless payments by scanning the QR-code from your mobile wallet? The new digital tool, created through the cooperation between “MobiDram”, “Just QR” and “Acba Bank”, is very practical and has great potential for wide application ”, said Ralph Yirikian, Managing Director of Viva-MTS .

“We are pleased to launch the ‘Just QR’ system together with Viva-MTS ‘financial subsidiary’ MobiDram ‘and’ Future Payment Systems’. “Acba Bank” has been working for a long time to reduce the use of cash in view of the epidemic situation. Thanks to this cooperation with our partners, we are taking a step forward. I hope that the “Just QR” system will fully serve the intended purpose, ”said Hakob Andreasyan, CEO of“ Acba Bank ”.

The advantages of making payments via QR-code are:

  • full contactless payment exclusively via smartphone, which is extremely important in the current epidemic situation;

  • when paying via QR-code, the customer can choose the “MobiDram” account or one of his bank cards attached to the “MobiDram” mobile application;

  • The customer can use regular cashback promotions, which are instant refunds to the “MobiDram” account with a certain percentage of the amount paid.

“The time required to make payments via QR-code is no longer than that for paying by bank card,” added Kim Avanesyan.

Payments via QR-code can be made in shops and places of entertainment where the “INGENICO POS” terminals are located, serving bank cards and where an information panel is displayed on payments via the “Just QR” system. .

During the event, the designer of the “JustQR” system Konstantin Saroyan presented the main principles and characteristics of the system. “” There are several features. The use of the common EMV standard, the use of dynamic QRs, as well as the fact that there is no change in the business processes in the points of sale, that is, the same terminals points of sale with which card transactions are carried out continue to be used. In other words, no additional costs are borne by the bank or the point of sale. Another advantage is the ease of distribution and affordability, as QR can be applied to any smartphone.

One of the important features is that the JustQR system fully complies with the highest security standards and, in this regard, is not inferior to card transactions ”.

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