Metapex (MTPX) changes the traditional financial system by providing stability in the decentralized financial space


Metapex (MTPX) – A new cryptocurrency based on the BEP20 protocol of the Binance Smart Chain

Metapex (MTPX) – A New Cryptocurrency To Transform The Future Of Financial Transactions And Bring More Transparency And Power To Fund

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 24, 2021 / – As the cryptocurrency market is booming with every day of growth, Metapex (MTPX) a new cryptocurrency was launched on December 22, based on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP20 protocol.

Metapex (MTPX) is a currency that provides stability in the decentralized finance space. Scalability, space and fast transactions are the strengths of Metapex (MTPX). With global transactions at lower rates, hack-proof crypto security, this currency intends to change the way cryptocurrency is viewed by new users. Unlike other exchanges, chargeback, easy access, and mobility are some of the extended features of Metapex (MTPX). Not only the currency, but Metapex (MTPX) also has a crypto payment gateway, a decentralized wallet, and a safe that facilitates forex trading and other services on its blockchain.

The main motive of Metapex (MTPX) is to change the traditional financial system and eliminate its flaws. Decentralized finance has its own flaws. Metapex (MTPX) strives to overcome the limitations that hinder DeFi’s growth. Its goal is to add value to the overall financial experience of each user.

With a team of experts, Metapex (MTPX) promises to have a solid foundation to dominate the market. Its multi-exchange presence takes the currency to the next level and offers global utility. This use of money makes money more liquid and easier to circulate. Its effective implementation of the various strategies developed ensures a constant increase in the number of users it wishes to reach.

With a market cap of $ 423,914,967, MTPX is priced at $ 2,0186427019. It will be available for exchange on Pancake swap, Bitpanda, Bitmex, Bits, Coindesk and Trustwallet. Adhering to the fundamental economic rule of supply and demand, it complements the objective of use and circulation.

Having developed a strong physical community, the MTPX white paper is recommended for a better understanding. Together with the USD, MTPX ensures smooth forex trading.

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Metapex – Cryptocurrency to transform the future of financial transactions

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