Mini case n°2. Use the SME patent portfolio strategy for long-term value.

“Broadcast Industry Technology”: Success Against Corporate Denial Notices

This mini case demonstrates the practical use of patent portfolios to leverage the value of inventions. In particular, adding new patents that build on core technological innovation and ensuring long-term protection and greater commercial success

The client in this case is a company that has the best technology in Japan regarding the use of broadcast content. Although it is an SME, it has superior technology than large companies in this field. So, although it is a niche market, the competitors of SMEs in various related technologies are large well-known companies.

The inventor in this case had a very high level of technological capability and had a history of doing business with a US company and selling the technology of the invention to the US government.

In the case of this company, it is not a divisional application strategy, but rather a strategy to build a “patent portfolio” by filing a large number of individual patent applications. We have been working with this company for about 20 years, during which time we have filed numerous patent applications: the basic invention and the concept of the invention are very solid. Further technological development and patent applications were related to its improvement and advancement of the basic concept.

Meanwhile, in the areas of communication technologies, including web and video distribution technology, there have been major changes related to hardware and software, including the development and use of communication technology. ‘IA. Yet, due in part to the implemented portfolio strategy, the client’s inventions and technologies have been successfully integrated into various new industry-related technologies.

Our client receives many denial references from large well-known companies, in reviewing their patent applications for related inventions – it is our duty to overcome the evidence presented in these denial notices. However and again, since the basic basic technology is so original, in many cases it is not difficult to ensure inventive step. You can say it’s “the victory of overwhelming technology”.

The client has now established over 30 “patent portfolios” – and here we can see a great example of how “even though the company is small, it is not defeated by big famous companies due to their invented technologies”.

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Don F. Davis