Tata Tiago BS6 Manual: Real World Mileage, Petrol Financial System Reviewed

Based on our real-world assessments, here’s a look at the gasoline financial system numbers from the Tiago Gasoline Handbook.

Tata launched the Tiago hatchback in 2016 with gasoline and diesel engines, paired with manual and AMT gearbox choices. However, with the upgrade to BS6 in 2020 Tata discontinued the diesel engine. The tailgate has offered over 4,00,000 items since its launch, which speaks volumes about people’s confidence in the car, further aided by its GNCAP 4 star rating. We inform you of the distance traveled by a liter of gasoline in the manual BS6 gasoline Tiago.

What is the actual financial system of the essence of Tata Tiago’s textbook?

The 1.2-litre petrol engine in the BS6 Tiago produces 86hp, 1hp more than the BS4 model, but its torque is down 1Nm, to 113Nm. There is no drive mode Eco or City as in the BS4 model either.

In our tests, the Tiago Guide delivered 13.3 kpl in the city and 16.6 kpl on the highway (14.95 kpl total), compared to an ARAI-claimed figure of 19.8 kpl (total ).

The gasoline financial system determined in the metropolis is respectable; However, the highway figure seems a bit low. This is mainly due to the fact that the sedan is closed at 3000 rpm in fifth gear, while driving at 100 km/h on the highway.

What’s fascinating is the Tiago’s torque band – it pulls pointless from 50kph in fifth gear. This is bad for the gas financial system, but helps you drive without downshifting on the highway.

Testing Autocar India’s Gasoline Financial System

Prior to our real-world gas finance system check, we fill our check vehicles’ tanks to the brim and preserve tire pressure based on manufacturer’s advice. These automobiles are pushed into the uphill metropolitan and freeway loops and we preserve safe joint speeds. To keep a check on any untoward variation, we always have a reference car driving alongside – one we’ve already reviewed previously. Periodic driver swaps further neutralize driver model variations. At the peak of each cycle, we compute the financial system by filling it to the brim. As of our audit, there is only one person in each car, operating the air conditioning and other electrical systems, such as the audio system, turn signals and windshield wipers if necessary, as a consumer would. daily. We are happy with our testing information which is not just consistent but also gives customers a fair indication of what they will expect in the real world.

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